Colonel Charles Halt Returns to Rendlesham Forest

“It brings back old memories,” said retired US Air Force colonel Charles Halt on his return to the spot where, in December 1980, he was at the centre of a UFO mystery in Rendlesham Forest. 

As deputy commander of Bentwaters and Woodbridge bases, Mr Halt wrote a memo to the Ministry of Defence describing the incident, and recorded what became known as the Halt Tape – made public the following year.

“I never intended for it to get out,” said Mr Halt, who carried out his investigation on December 28, 1980, during which he saw mysterious lights like those witnessed by three airmen on security patrol two nights earlier.
“I did all I could to keep my memo private.”

“When the three individuals came back, the desk sergeant and I had a chuckle and agreed there must be a logical explanation.

“The next day, we realised all the military cops were looking to the skies. On the third night, [Lieutenant] Bruce Englund came in and said ‘it’s back’. That’s when I became involved.
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