New Dinosaur Fossil Best Preserved Ever

National Geographic: On the afternoon of March 21, 2011, a heavy-equipment operator named Shawn Funk was carving his way through the earth, unaware that he would soon meet a dragon. That Monday had started like any other at the Millennium Mine, a vast pit some 17 miles north of Fort McMurray, Alberta, operated by energy... Continue Reading →

DNA Obtained From Franklin Expedition Crew

A team led by Douglas Stenton of Nunavut’s Department of Culture and Heritage obtained DNA samples from at least 24 members of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition, which attempted to find a Northwest Passage linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in 1845. All were lost when Sir John Franklin’s ships were trapped in the ice of... Continue Reading →

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

On February 2nd, 1959, 9 ski hikers from the Ural Polytechnical Institute set up camp on the slopes of Kholat Syakhl in the Northern Ural Mountains of Russia.  Although the group were experienced trekkers and something made them cut their tents from the inside and flee into the surrounding terrain with little to no clothes... Continue Reading →

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